Home Builder in Strasburg

Taking the dive into building your dream home is a very exciting proposition. Over the years, Rager Construction LLC has grown accustomed to building our clients the homes they have always wanted and helping them every step of the way. We are Strasberg’s premier custom home builder and have enjoyed many years of impressing our clients through helping them build comfortable dream homes suitable for their futures.

Looking at the available housing market for a home that fits your every specification is challenging. Hiring a quality home builder, like Rager Construction LLC, will set you on the path to building the home you have always wanted.

Get in touch with us today for a quick conversation about how the home building process works. We will inform you of all the particulars and we’ll book our first conceptual meeting. Call (540) 465-1538 to get started!


Benefits of Hiring a Home Builder

When you hire our custom home building services, you are opening endless possibilities for your future. Our years of building beautiful homes will assist you along the way as we can offer you insights and recommendations during the design-build process. Every step of the process brings new challenges and that’s why we prioritize preparation. We have the whole process from the first consultation to laying the last brick down to a science. When you get started on the design-build process of your new home, you can expect:

  • Finance and budget conversations
  • Builder interviews
  • Conceptual meetings
  • Material selection
  • Final concept
  • Meeting with your contractor

Once you are well acquainted with our home building contractors, that is when the fun part starts. They will assist you in the allocation of materials and hiring out all the necessary subcontractors for the job as well.

We have done countless home builds and know the whole process backward and forward. Be sure to ask us any questions you have along the way—we’ll be happy to put your mind at ease.

High-Quality Home Builder

Now that the initial setup is out of the way, we can get started on the building. Choosing Rager Construction LLC is a sure way to come out with a beautiful home. We offer flexibility and a fully custom design process while ensuring we only use quality materials along the way. We lay every brick and hammer every nail with pride and precision. Nothing makes us happier than the look on our client’s faces when they see the final product. Contact us today for new home construction.

Rager Construction LLC: The Home Building Contractor for You

Quality is the name of the game. Quality client care, quality consultations, and above all else, quality craftsmanship. The only way we know that we have done the job right is when you are beaming with happiness after seeing the new home. We aim for nothing less than perfect. Putting our clients in beautiful newly built homes is our passion.

We can’t wait for you to come with us on the journey to a beautiful new home, built to your specifications. Just give Rager Construction LLC a call at (540) 465-1538 to get started on the process.